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CMap Diagram of ChromosomeIb

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  • Genetic linkage maps for the Toxoplasma chromosomes maps (above image at left) were generated by analyzing the segregation of RFLP markers among the progeny of several genetic crosses.  The markers are linked at LOD ≥ 3.0 and the map has a resolution of ~5 cM.  There are currently 14 linkage groups, 11 of theses correspond to previously described chromosomes (Sibley et al., 1992; Su et al., 2002), while 3 of them are newly recognized.  Markers previously assigned to chromosome VI were resolved as two separate linkage groups, VI and VIIb, which was named for its relative size. Chromosome VII has been renamed  VIIa. 
  • The above figure to the right depicts the relationship between the genetic map and scaffolds from the 10X coverage genome sequence (provided by the Sanger Centre and TIGR).  The figure was generated by CMap, a component of the Genetic Model Organism Database (GMOD).  CMap-derived maps for all of the T. gondii chromosomes can be accessed by selecting the numbers under the diagrams below.

                                                                      CMap chromosomes for T. gondii





     Ia      Ib          II            III           IV              V             VI             VIIa               VIIb             VIII               IX                X          XI          XII

Horizontal diagram of scaffolds that have been mapped (pdf).                               List of 10X scaffolds that have been mapped and their physical





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