Welcome to the source for information on genetic analysis of Toxoplasma gondii, a protozoan of medical importance and an important model organism for the phylum Apicomplexa.

Toxoplasma has a complex life cycle including both mitotic and meiotic division. Classical genetic crosses can be performed in Toxoplasma and several experimental crosses have been used to generate genetic linkage maps for the chromosomes.  Information on genetic markers and segregation analysis of progeny can be found at Toxoplasma Genome Mapping Database (ToxoGMD).

Most strains of Toxoplasma isolated in North America and Europe  comprise three predominant clonal lineages.  However, recent studies reveal a more complex global pattern of strain diversity (Khan etal 2006; Lehmann etal 2006). Examples of nested PCR markers are provided for genotyping strains. A comprehensive haplotype database is under construction. Toxoplasma cosmid libraries are available for complimentation and subcloning.




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